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    Robotic Demolition

    The Brokk 90 Electro-Hydraulic Demolition Machine

The Brokk 90 provides the ultimate solution for demolition in confined spaces.

The Hydraulic arm is capable of rotating through a full 245 degrees. The arm handles a variety of tool attachments including hydraulic hammer, bucket, grapple and concrete crusher.

The Brokk will go just about anywhere, it will fit through a standard door opening, climb stairs and fit into a standard size lift. It can be controlled via a digital wireless remote control and therefore maintain a safe distance between the operator and any falling debris.

Please contact Iain Anderson 0191 416 0077 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details

The Brokk 90 utilising the pecking tool. Ideal for working in confined spaces, the Brokk 90 can access areas inaccessible to larger machines while still delivering awesome power.

Robotic Demolition Robotic Demolition 2


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